Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Photo Shooting Locations

Hawaii Family Photos
Here are several locations we shoot photos at. We managed to visit all of these in one day.

Kahala Beach is one of the best spots in Honolulu!

Kahanamoku Beach is right behind Hilton Hawaiian Village, most convenient for those who wish to stay in Waikiki.


Hawaii Family Photos
Waialae Beach Park is walking distance to Kahala Beach. We usually put both locations on our Calendar because we meet at Waialae Beach Park and walk to Kahala Beach together.

*Please pronounce "Waialae" like "WHY-A-LIE". Be careful not to call it "Wailea" which is on Maui.

East Oahu
Sandy Beach is stunning with lava rocks and golden sand and the most beautiful turquoise ocean water color on Oahu. Hard to beat this location!

Awesome view from nearby Makapuu Beach Park overlooking Waimanalo, East Oahu!

Waimanalo View

Honolulu Waterfall
Easy to reach waterfall in Honolulu at Liliuokalani Botanical Garden, just 15-20 minutes from your hotel in Waikiki.
Honolulu Family Photography

Oahu Photographer
Kawaikui Beach Park (above) and Wailupe Beach Park are located in Aina Haina, about 10 minutes east of Kahala Shopping Mall. 

Beautiful and secluded oceanfront parks. Great photo shooting spot if you don't want too many people around.

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  1. Add $25.00 travel fee for Sandy Beach location. $40.00 Beach Permit fee for Kahala Beach.


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